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CCICED Held Scoping Meeting on Global Marine Conservation and Sustainability


CCICED Scoping Meeting on Global Marine Conservation and Sustainability was held in Beijing on May 27, 2017.

Meeting participants shared their views on global ocean protection, ecological influence brought by China’s ocean economy, pollution prevention and control in offshore areas, integrated ocean governance, green shipping, and fishery policies, followed by lively discussions on the content and framework of CCICED’s research on marine ecological environment protection.

It is commonly believed that the relationship between the development and protection of marine resources should be better balanced, and integrated ocean management should be carried out with priority given to maintaining a well-functioning ecosystem, so as to develop a "Blue Economy" under the context of the Belt and Road Initiative, and boost the sustainable development of the marine economy alongside the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. It is also agreed to solve ocean problems from China’s unique perspective, by carrying out cross-cutting international cooperation and adopting a land-and-sea integrated approach. Meeting participants also suggested that CCICED should promote the concept of ocean protection and raise the international attention to ocean issues in combination with the UN Ocean Conference held in June, EU “Our Ocean” conference in October, and CCICED 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Marine ecological environment protection is a key part of CCICED Phase VI research framework of “Global and Regional Environmental Governance”. As a basis for CCICED Special Policy Study on ocean issues, the scoping meeting delivers a research guide and framework plan.


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