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China to set up national park system


China devised a scheme aimed at putting the country's areas of outstanding natural beauty under protection.

By 2020, China aims to set up a batch of national parks and form a unified management system, according to the plan. The system will be improved with added management efficiency by 2030.

The primary purpose for China to set aside such land is to protect a fragile ecosystem, which has been under constant attack from human activities.

The national parks will be set up in specific land, marine and ocean areas to achieve a combination of ecological protection and sustainable development, the plan said.

Development and construction that could hurt the ecosystem will be prohibited in the national parks, and practices such as illegal mining, discharging pollutants or poaching will be punished. The plan said residents in the core regions of the national parks would be gradually relocated.

Meanwhile, under the prerequisite of efficient protection, the national parks will offer educational and leisure opportunities for the public.



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