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China follows international law to protect Arctic environment


China follows international law in the protection of the natural environment of the Arctic, a white paper said on Friday. 

China always gives top priority to resolving global environmental issues, according to the document titled "China's Arctic Policy," issued by the State Council Information Office on Friday. 

The white paper said that China earnestly fulfills its obligations under relevant treaties, and takes its responsibility in environmental protection. 

China is actively engaged in improving the Arctic environment by enhancing the environmental background investigation of Arctic activities and the assessment of their environmental impact, the document said. 

The marine environment is a key area for Arctic environmental protection. China supports the Arctic coastal States in their efforts to reduce pollutants in the Arctic waters from land-based sources, in accordance with the relevant treaties, and commits itself to raising the environmental responsibility awareness of its citizens and enterprises. 

In order to effectively protect the marine environment of the Arctic, China works with other States to enhance control of the sources of marine pollution such as ship discharge, offshore dumping, and air pollution, it said. 




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